Saturday, March 6, 2010


did i mention that anchorage is the craziest place i have ever been? it's just..... strange. unlike anywhere else.

i mean, how many places do you go where you see this?


or this?


or eat this?


i did eat a whole lot of this, though...


the iditarod start was great fun. i absolutely loved hearing the dogs yapping in the street. they were spastic, jumping like reindeer in a christmas movie. as soon as they started pulling their mushers, though, they would hush up and run their tails off. lots of characters in town that day for sure. we took lots of pictures, but, really, they all look the same. dogs in shirts and booties!

this dog wouldn't stop staring at mmm:


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boothie said...

funny haha or funny strange....

those dogs just all looking at!!

pretty cool!!