Friday, March 12, 2010

kids don't float!


by far the best part of our trip to alaska was our trip to seward and the day cruise we took from there. it was quite simply alaska, just the way you picture it. what pictures can't give you, though, are the icy cold wind, the bobbing of the sea, the bounce of the tour bus and the strange and wacky character of the people who choose to live in such a wild and expansive place.

the city of anchorage is the size of CONNECTICUT. helloooooo, that's huge. and only 300,000 people live in anchorage. 600,000 in the entire state. a state that is much bigger than texas. a state with only 6 highways. a state whose capital cannot be reached by car. what?




anyway, back to the cruise. we saw wildlife- moose, otters, dall porpoise, bald eagles, mountain goats, and the spray of a whale (i think!). seals and sea lions as well. our guide knew just where to go to find the creatures. we also saw bear glacier which was a thrill for me.

bear glacier

highlight of the trip? mmm being charged by a musk ox at the wild life preserve on the way home. classic! this guy meant business...

killer musk ox

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