Thursday, March 4, 2010


i still can't believe we are here. it was an incredibly long day of travel (with a seven hour layover in minneapolis). we got to our hotel in anchorage at about 1:30 in the morning. i , for one, was cranky.

but today we definitely hit the ground running. nice breakfast in the hotel followed by walking around downtown. we went to the anchorage visitor center and got some very good advice. from there we took the city bus to the south side of the city. the native arts show is being held in the diamond center mall.

i learned something about myself. now, i'm far from a peta person. i not even close to a vegan. i wear sheepskin boots. but something about all that seal skin and otter fur makes me want to cry. i just can't do it.

the bus ride to and from was full of color. one lady said to a fellow passenger "you- you psychotic. you know. that means you follow your MIND." uh, ok crazy bus lady.

back in town we walked some more and shopped for souvenirs.

luckily, bbb doesn't miss us much.

waiting for the pictures to load!

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Sarah said...

Amazing photos as always. I have to get me some of that cheesecake..yummo. My ass would not thank me later though. Looks like an amazing time. Ironically you leave and head north and we finally are reaching temps near 60. Please don't bring any of that white stuff back in your suitcase. I can't take any more winter. I may end up locked up and on heavy meds. ;-)