Monday, August 3, 2009

canaan valley

we headed to canaan on saturday afternoon for a relaxing wilderness get-away. it was a nice mix of relaxing and exploring. feeling sleepy so i might just let the pictures do the talking...

blackwater falls.... beautiful every time i've every seen it.

j and s working hard to keep the boulder from falling on us...
the purple fiddle. slow service but good food. we also got to meet local activist/bouncer robbie. he educated us on the path and the importance of using recycled materials to make bean bags for the bean bag toss game.

our cabin at black bear resort.

me showing off my stellar kite-flying skills. mmm was jealous. b was not as impressed as i would have liked.

b sneaking out of yet another photo op....

incredibly cool chair at the blacksmith shop at penn alps.

perhaps my favorite part of the trip- penn alps. it might seriously be my favorite food ever. perfect fried chicken. killer mashies and the best homemade noodles i have ever tasted. fortunately it is far enough away that i'm not tempted to eat there more than a couple of times a year. i would weigh three hundred pounds if it were in this town.

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This is the best blog on the web!

Ben's World is a distant second, followed by balloon juice.