Sunday, August 16, 2009

wonderful weekend

friday morning i left with coworkers to attend a committee meeting at the board meeting. admittedly, i was nervous about my part in the session but realized soon after arriving that i would be fine. the biggest reward? mmm was meeting me for the reception and dinner that followed.

we cleaned up quite nicely and made an impressive pair, if i do say so myself. our dinner companions were lovely. i was exhausted by the end of the meal and was entirely passed out by 10:02.

we woke a little late and had a HUGE breakfast. hash and waffles and eggs and it was all very yummy. we strolled around the grounds and gardens and visited the glass shop before heading to fairmont for josh and kristina's wedding. it was beautiful! the food was delicious and highgate is always such a nice place for receptions. we made some new acquaintances but the best part by far was seeing kelly.

the ride home was entirely uneventful.

today we have relaxed, cleaned, shopped and entertained the cranky, napless BBB. soon, very soon, will be his bedtime.

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Sarah said...

Kris you look beautiful. I miss you!