Tuesday, June 2, 2009

stormy nights

second stormy night in a row.  lots of electricity in the air.

came home from work and filled the pool and set up the slippy slide for the boys.  lots of fun watching them slide around and play together.  after they tired of the water they fooled around with various balls and games and had snacks while i fixed supper.  b is in heaven having his older brothers' attention.

made vermicelli and turkey meatballs for supper.  really liked the meatballs tonight.  fresh herbs, no garlic.  they were good.

worn out, relaxing, listening to the rain come down.  actually, listening to the rain gush out of the clogged gutter above my bedroom window.  i MUST clean the gutters but i only think about it when it rains.  how do people keep it all together, the never-ending list of household needs and chores?  

read a lot today about geocaching and caving.  interesting things.  i like the idea of getting out and exploring your own backyard.  i had no idea there was such a strong caving community out there.  

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