Monday, June 8, 2009


at first i felt guilty about not devoting much time here this past week.  then i realized that our day to day life has grown by two people.  two very active people who generate lots of laundry and require much food.  oh, and they are very funny people and i enjoy spending time with them.  so i've been doing that in the evenings instead of spending time glued to my laptop.

friday night we straightened up around the house and watched best in show together. ha! harlan pepper.  ha!  so many good quotes in that movie.  j and i have been running around naming nuts and trying to be hound dog ventriloquists.  

saturday we headed to the three rivers art festival.  fun family outing.  mmm accused me of poor parenting.  i allowed the little one to be too close to the allegheny river.  i still say he was fine. and to quote j "dad, i'm the captain of the swim team!"  

home to slippy slide and kiddie pool.  built a fire and had s'mores.  

sunday we headed to chestnut ridge in the morning.  felt so good to swim in the cool water.  afternoon we headed to the weber's.  more slippy slide action and the boys had so much fun together.  

so really, that's been it.  kids kids kids.  and the house shows it.  so it is.  

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Sarah said...

I sooo wish you were my mom. It sounds like so much fun!!!