Friday, June 12, 2009


tuesday evening mmm and i went to sargasso for dinner with myers and the guest professor. it was an absolutely perfect meal. i started off with the pear salad: bibb lettuce, light bleu cheese dressing, prosciutto, poached pear and toasted almonds. it was a surprisingly large portion and absolutely delicious. for my meal i opted for one of the specials: roast chicken breast with a morel, cream and chive sauce, wheat berry and wild rice on the side, and asparagus. then came dessert. omg dessert. chocolate hazelnut torte (which was thick and cakey, not souffle-ey like some are), hot chocolate sauce, a chocolate covered cherry, AND white house cherry ice cream with pistachios. white house cherry is one of my all time favorite ice creams and it is very hard to come by. so to have fresh, REAL white house cherry was a treat.

the food was only outdone by the company and lively conversation. it was a wonderful evening all around.

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