Friday, June 12, 2009

party anyone?

wednesday night we cleaned like crazy to get ready for the doc students on thursday. we planned a cookout for them as they finished their week-long seminar with the guest prof.

thursday came and i really think everyone had a great time. well, at least the majority of the folks. b, j and s were wound up and entertaining the crowd. b was in heaven, loving the special attention he got from kb and dm. he especially took a shine to syd. like, almost in a creepy way. poor syd. believe it or not, several members of the group spent a great deal of time hula hooping. highly entertaining!

the cookout broke up and we were back to cleaning, though this time there was not nearly as much to do. j and i sang old journey and bon jovi songs while we cleaned. he knows these lyrics why? no matter, we rocked out and sounded awesome.

work was long today but not long enough. trying to tie up loose ends before vacay. didn't go so while. ended the day by delegating many things to coworkers. what else to do? this evening i started prepping for s's bday party tomorrow. he requested red velvet cake with marshmallow fondant, so that's what i'm making.

oh yeah. i was making the fondant in the kitchenaid when the bowl slipped loose from the stand and somehow my right index finger got caught in between the two. i'm very lucky my finger wasn't broken but i am afraid my fingernail might be really damaged. plus, it hurts!

big day tomorrow with s's party and packing for denver. can't believe it's time already!

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