Saturday, May 30, 2009

gorgeous day

i got to sleep in this morning!  heavenly!  mmm and i went out last night with friends.  happy hour then dinner at dragonfly.  very good sushi and way too much of it.  sat out on a deck at a random bar on high street.  good  music and lots of laughs.  

finally got going this morning.  grey and a bit chilly to begin with.  went to mom's to get b and number three was there.  we all talked for a while then headed downtown to run errands and enjoy the farmers market.  more rhubarb.  couldn't resist baking another pie.  in the oven as i type.  

b and i got home and decided to try out rowan's new leash.  ha!  i know it's absurd.  it's a ridiculous invention.  BUT, ro really enjoyed his time in the yet and b got a huge kick out of it.  i know mmm though (again) that he married a crazy person.  but at least i'm a cheerful crazy person.

b napped and i read on the swing.  doesn't get much better than that.  cut a bouquet of peonies. smells so good.

evening rolled around and i baked.  pies, brownies, muffins.  nice.  i really do love making pies.  and unfortunately i'm learning to love eating them too.  

j and s here tomorrow.  summer officially begins!

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