Friday, May 22, 2009

yard work

hit the ground running after work this evening.  set b up in his kiddie pool then worked on overflowing and treating the pond.  a little late for that task.  actually, i cleaned it out a couple of months ago but, without fish in it, the ph was off and it filled with algae.  after the farmer's market tomorrow b and i will get a couple fishies.  

planted more tomatoes and an eggplant and generally tidied up the yard.  the veg bed is looking great.  i know i planted our tomatoes too close together.  i always do this.  i get too excited, buy too many, and think i have more space than i really do.  some day i will learn!  

sleepy now, snuggling down in fresh sheet, enjoying the sound of a very quiet house.  only wish mmm were here to listen to the quiet with me.  most of the time i'm a-ok when he's gone, but sometimes, like now, i just miss him too much!  

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