Saturday, May 23, 2009

more yard work

b and i slept in this morning!  almost 7:45 when we woke up!  it felt great to be  so lazy.  we had waffles for breakfast and headed out to the farmer's market.  i couldn't resist the rhubarb.  fairly convinced that rhubarb pies are being baked all over town tonight.  baked one myself and it was tart and sweet and hit the spot.  no pie crust will ever rival ina's pie crust.  i see no need to try any other pie crust ever.  that one is far too perfect.

after the market we went to the walmart (for outside toys) and the pond store (for two goldfish).  b loved looking at the koi and i honestly believe a couple of them weigh more than he does.  we got our little comets and decided to name the napoleon and birdo

mom over again to help do things.  we finished leveling up b's play house.  b and i planted eggplant and melon.  

nice supper.  chicken on fresh lettuce and hydro toms from the market.  couscous and pie.

sleepy sleepy now.  perfect day, one of the nicest in recent memory.  

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