Monday, May 25, 2009

wipe out

totally exhausted in the very best way.

yesterday acw and i took the boys to the woodland zoo in farmington, pa.  it was nice to hang out and have adult conversation while the boys did their thing and looked at the animals.  i realized yesterday that i have an unnatural fear of ostriches and the like.  no bird should be taller than a human.  it's just not right. those meaty bird thighs.... ew.  give me shivers.

tried to coax b into a nap after the zoo but he would have none of it.  cole called and we wound through the country to find some herbs at shields.  no luck for him.  he couldn't make up his mind so we wound our way back home.  

this morning acw brought the boys over and we had a high time playing with the slip n slide and the pool.  so happy the boys get on so well together.  they are so different from each other! distinct personalities for sure, but in the end it's a very nice balance.  we are so lucky to have such great friends.

rain moved in mid afternoon and b and i took it easy indoors.  train play, youtube, supper and stories.  very laid back.  the sun and water took their toll.  b was so tired he ASKED to go to bed at 7:00!!!  mmm returned during our bedtime routine.  he was sleepy too and went to bed early himself.

can't decided if i'm tired or wired.  definitely not wanting to say goodbye to b in the morning.  he's been my little shadow since friday afternoon.

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Sarah said...

Love that last pic. Where is this zoo? Sounds like a fun weekend trip. Were there lots of animals?