Wednesday, May 20, 2009


feeling really overwhelmed lately.  feel like the house is getting the better of me.  so much to do and no time or energy to do it.  part of it is laziness i'm sure.  i just want to be outside playing with b.

a bit of an adventure last night.  we came home to find that rowan had escaped from his cage!  b and i found him in the tv room.  we chased him a bit and he headed into the laundry room.  he cornered himself by the hot water tank and i snatched him right up.  

nice evening tonight playing with b in the yard (avoiding housework!).  i fixed him a sand pit by his playhouse.  got some new sand toys at the dollar tree and he's pleased as punch.  summer at last.  

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boothie said...

The nice weather certainly makes inside housework all the more challenging - actually it makes being indoors in general more challening!! I am right there with you :) I look foward to great adventures with Rowan in June!!