Sunday, May 3, 2009

baking frenzy

rain and rain and rain.  won't be letting up for a while either.  instead of moping i decided to bake.

played around with the men this morning.  put b down for a nap in the afternoon and made oatmeal cherry choco chip cookies, cinnamon rolls and cheddar gougeres.  i ate so much this afternoon that i only allowed myself a salad for dinner.

pleased with everything.  the cookies have become one of my favorites.  homey and chewy but the cherry adds a zing to them.  the gougeres were a total experiment.  the recipe is from tartine and i will definitely make them the next time i have company for dinner.  they are savory and salty and nice little bites.  the cinnamon rolls?  i tried smitten kitchen's recent experiment.  bad idea.  the rolls are awesome, but they are in the kitchen calling to me and i know i'm going to have to go eat another.  

strange evening.  b woke from his nap disoriented.  i took him into bed with me to calm him down.  we both ended up falling asleep and did not get up til after 6:30!  the kid usually goes to 
BED at 7:30!  nice nap though, nice to snuggle and feel like he was still my little baby.  

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Sarah said...

How do you find the time to make all of those yummy treats. I only wish I could bring D to bed with me. Especially when Ryan is taveling. I miss those days...sometimes! Miss ya