Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i itch therefore i am

i have been off of all allergy meds and decongestants since friday.  i ITCH.  like crazy.  pretty sure it's all in my head, but so what if it is?  the bottom line is, i ITCH.  after that test on tuesday i'm going to take a whole blister pack of benadryl and some sudafed just for fun.  allergy test, that is. a gillion sticks in my arm to figure out definitively what makes me miserable and how to make it all better.  i'm not sure why i waited so long to do this.  i think partly because people would talk about getting shots and i just assumed it was some type of medication in the shots, not an actual personalized vaccine.  i guess you can call it a vaccine.

at any rate, i ITCH.  

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