Sunday, April 19, 2009


feel like i'm playing catch up here.  i  don't remember much before friday so i guess i'll just start there.  work, of course.  mmm picked up pizza for supper and that was 100% satisfying.  i watched my vampire show and went to bed relatively early.  

saturday morning b and i got an early start.  we headed to lowes and got some herbs and landscaping provisions.  then we worked non-stop in the yard til mid afternoon.  we planted and raked and made a new compost bin out of wire fencing.  while b napped (i use the term loosely) i created a pea gravel pit for the swing.  

we got cleaned up and met mmm so we could go to aj's naming ceremony together.  such a special day.  things are as they should be and i'm still in so much awe of my friends, opening up their hearts and lives to take on another tribe member.  relief as well.  i feel such a great sigh of relief.  he's finally, legally, eternally theirs.  

we got home from the party and played in the yard a while.  after b went to bed i built a fire in the chiminea ckl and jl gave us.  what a great way to dispose of all the sticks cluttering the yard. relaxing as well.

shew.  this is long.

today b and i lounged in my bed for quite a while.  then we found some motivation and headed to the mon river trail.  we saw lots of birds and trees in bloom.  

this evening- well that's when i finally lost my mind.  i tricked out rowan's cage.  he now has his very own two-story bunny abode.  

lovely weekend and i'm sad to see it go. 

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Sarah said...

What is a pea gravel pit? I may need to invest in one if it saves children! It was great seeing you on Saturday. I'm totally jealous you have your garden in already. Not sure if I will get there this year, but I'm definetly thinking about creating a compost. Any tips you have to share are most welcomed! Have a great week.