Monday, April 20, 2009

burger and fries

looking through a foodie magazine tonight and a tantalizing photo of a red, juicy burger and hand cut fries graced one of the pages.  drool.  i would say i contemplated that burger and fries for about five minutes and then i decided to write about it here.

real burgers, REAL BURGERS, are total comfort food for me.  a reliable choice (at least a more reliable choice) in most restaurants, i tend to order them when i'm traveling, especially for work. tew and i have a habit of this together, actually.  generic conference hotel.  nothing looks great. long day of travel.  what to get?  why the $20 burger and fries of course.  yum.  

i remember burgers.  like the one i had at the hard rock cafe in nyc my sophomore year of high school.  or the late night burgers tew and i ate in boston with oh-so-yummy fries.  falstaff's burgers, may they rest in peace.  the black and blue burger at the alamo.  so good i got it twice.  

how did a carnivore such as myself end up with a vegetarian for a child?  perhaps he must remain meatless to account for my own meat gluttony.  

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