Wednesday, April 15, 2009

good times, good times

had a real treat tonight.  b and i went to boothie's for dinner.  we hadn't been to their new place yet and it was very nice.  b loved watching zoe and abby, the kitties.  zoe was a little more tolerant.  abby was smarter- she hid underneath the bed.

nice to catch up and chat.  made me feel like i could just relax and be.  i probably let b run around too much but she said we could come back so i guess it's not all bad.  how did we end up being adults?  when did that transition happen and why do i still feel like a 22 year old most of the time?  guess it's better to feel 10 years younger than 10 years older.

mmm is out to dinner for work.  i need to clean the house but i might just watch home improvement television instead.

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boothie said...

good times indeed!! very nice to catch up - please come again soon -the evening was great and it was nice to catch up,drink some wine and relax. i think zoey's tummy feels better too - :)but i may need the cat whisperer to return to confirm...