Friday, March 20, 2009


sitting here trying to remember everything we've seen and done in the last 24 hours.  it's been a lot!

first, i spent more time at the pool yesterday and i'm incredibly sunburned.  i look stupid.  bright red and stripey.  dorky, if you will.

we saw a lovely group, the abilene dots at the daystage and later we saw justin townes earle there.  he writes and sings such beautiful and sad ballads.  off then to different parties then the von bondies.  a good rock show and i had forgotten that they sing the rescue me theme song.

richard swift and bishop allen at the mowhaw patio.  very very very disappointed by the bishop allen show.  sound was bad but they really don't seem to be the best live performers.  a nice place to see a show, though.  after that we went to stubbs and saw the meat puppets and gomez. gomez is probably the best show i've seen so far.  i think.  it's all starting to run together!

oh, and in the hotel lobby this group, mumford and sons.  lots of nice harmony and sort of a celtic folk sound.  will have to check them out.

so, today.  no clue.  not plan or path or idea.  i guess we'll just take this day as it comes.  

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