Saturday, March 21, 2009

last night

it's all a blur at this point!  so much music, so many movies, it's all kind of running together.  

let's see.  yesterday we went to the scotland party and the scotland show case.  fun.  loud.  mmm saw ben harper.  i declined.  why did i decline?  because i hate ben harper ALMOST as much as i hate jack johnson.  they make me want to beat people with sticks.  ugh.  so while husband went to see ben harper i sat like a nerd and read a book in the sun.

saw a lovely movie tonight, 500 days of summer.  great soundtrack, good acting, beautiful to look at.  nice change of pace from all the shoving and pushing of the shows we've been seeing.

last night. ready to go home but i know i'll miss this place as soon as i get there.  can't wait to see b and all his new tricks.  

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