Sunday, March 22, 2009


so happy to be home.  happy as a lark.  mini crocus and iris up in the front yard, forsythia blooming and even a few daffodils.  

the best part of being home, of course, is having b with us.  he was waiting like a puppy, standing at my mom's storm door when we pulled into her driveway.  we were all very excited to see each other and it seems like he speaks in whole paragraphs now.  such a funny and amazing little guy. we had a snack together when we got home and he got to stay up almost an hour past his bedtime.  such a good little guy- no fussing at all.  we read the little engine that could and he tried to determine which engines were percy and james.  he also couldn't get over the fact that a monkey was on the train.  a monkey!  on a train!

as soon as he hit the sack i started cleaning and just now finished.  not a great job but good enough.  i even unpacked all my stuff!  that is quite an accomplishment for me.  

j and s come tomorrow!  we are all very excited about that as well.  can't wait to have some serious wii competitions and hopefully buy and view twilight on bluray.  we all three have read the books and izzy too so i'm hoping to have a watching party for us.  it's going to be a great week!

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