Monday, March 23, 2009


boys arrived this evening, full of energy and lots of news.  they always have so much to say.  both in their own way.  

the wii-related activities began.  i scored second in bowling but lost miserably in boxing and tennis.  can someone help me out with the wii tennis?  i suck!  like, REALLY suck.  j tried to help but to no avail.

baked cookies and muffins and brownies after supper.  the challenge now will be to not eat them.  

back into the groove (mostly) at work today.  walked with jbc on the trail at lunch.  lots of catching up to do.  we walked to the store and i got salad fixings for myself.  can't wait to eat it all again tomorrow.  there's a special place in my heart for bleu cheese crumbles and balsamic on mixed greens.  

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