Thursday, March 19, 2009


sxsw music started today.  wowza.  i'm exhausted but in the very best way.

watched for the love of flims at the alamo at noon then headed directly to the belfast/nashville sister cities party.  just as good as last year.  lots of singer/songwriters and loads of barbecue.  i indulged myself with brisket, potato salad and cookies.  left there and headed to the canada party. saw the arkells play and they were very very good.  must remember to check them out.

a few other random parties then we headed across town (on foot) to lambert's to see hey negrita. i love them so much and matthew ord is just a beautiful guitar player.  a nice smallish crowd.  i could have danced to their music all night but that's not the point of showcases.  we marched onward.

had to rev myself up with coffee before we headed to the radio room patio to see KEVIN DEVINE AND THE GODDAM BAND!  very different to see him play with a band but still good. listened to what laura says before that.  they were crazy and loud but entertaining.   

still sunburned and i think i got even more sun today.  itchy.

going to pass out now

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