Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!

a new year.  i like the sound of that.  a new month anyway.  december took it out of me.  mentally, emotionally, physically, financially.  i'm ready for normalcy and orderliness.  a clean and tidy home and a clean and tidy diet.  for a while anyway.  too much excess of every kind.  i'm ready to take it down a notch.

icy roads and persuasive children shaped our plans for new year's eve.  i got off work early and decided to swim for an hour before having mmm and the boys pick me up.  by the time they got to me the roads were unbelievably bad.  the trip to my mother's should have taken about seven minutes.  instead it took more like thirty.  inching up campus drive we saw three ambulances and i don't know how many cars spin down the hill sideways.  all roads leaving my mother's neighborhood were backed up for hours.  so we just stayed put.  

izzy and jack came over.  we walked to the neighborhood place to get pizzas and other munchies, stuffed our faces, played games and rang in the new year with dick clark.  every soft, flat surface in my mother's house had a body sleeping on it.  fun and cozy.  a big novelty for all the kids.

back to her house this afternoon for pork fest.  i took a very long nap with jack on the couch. nice and snuggly.  

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