Tuesday, December 30, 2008


tonight i received a lesson in professional wrestling.  

did you know that the ECW, raw, and smackdown are three different entities?  and somehow they are all affiliated with mr. mcmahon?  did you know that hornswaggle supposedly lives under the ring?  did you know that? did you know that they used to use more folding chairs and things like that than they do now?

you learn something every day and this is what i learned today, courtesy of my 12 year old bonus child.  i have to say, i laughed a lot watching the wrestling.  i am a huge fan of boxing. violence doesn't bother me.  in fact, i like it.  i appreciate it.  watching two willing participants beat the pulp out of each other gives me pleasure and release.  so i was genuinely let down with the wrestling.  it's so FAKE.  i've seen girl fights in bars with more force behind them.  but after i stopped preaching and started watching i did find myself utterly bemused.  

a nice light-hearted evening.  

thoroughly enjoying my new booklight.  i lerv it.  off to read more teenage romance nonsense.  

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