Monday, December 29, 2008

nothin doin

declared a night of peace for myself tonight.  i gave the boys fair warning and took care of any requests they had as soon as we got in.  easy requests involving ipods and phone calls.  

i am now buried deep in blankets with the second twilight book and a pile of crosswords by my side.  i should just turn out the light and sleep, i know.  but my brain needs the mindlessness of teenage romance and a grid of root words and synonyms.  

makes me think, for some reason, of kicking and screaming.  the part where max and otis get into it over whether tv is a bigger waste of time than crosswords.  max, the crossword junkie, retorts, "a waste of time, yes.  a bigger waste of time than tv? no.  at least i'm thinking of words and roots of words and sometimes in latin."  my love for that movie is unyielding.  it makes me want to crawl into grover's old sweater and read something like love in the time of cholera or maybe the stranger or something like that.  

it also makes me laugh.  more than any other movie it makes me laugh.  

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