Friday, January 2, 2009


a fast-moving day.  i know i went to work for the full eight hours.  just doesn't seem like it.

had lunch out with lmm.  a nice, spicy chicken soup.  warmed me up for the afternoon.

b was listless when we picked him up.  didn't think too much of it.  in the midst of fixing dinner i noticed him in the living room.  he was slumped over on the floor watching tv.  NOT normal two-year-old behavior.  he ate a bit of supper then i took his temperature.  103.2!  my heart sank and i got nervous.  i called the pediatrician on call and we determined that he is probably fine, but if the fever persists i should bring him in in the morning.  my poor little guy.  nothing worse than seeing your little one like that.  

organizing j and s for their trip home tomorrow.  the house will be very quiet without them.  

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