Saturday, December 13, 2008

feast of the seven fishes festival

what a great day!  we corralled kids in the morning then shuttled them all to squaremont for the festival.  it was a beautiful (if cold) day.  so many people came out and enjoyed themselves.  the atmosphere at the festival is lively, friendly and fun.  it always is.  i don't really think you could be grouchy or bored there.  

loads of good food.  i had the best pasta fagiole of my life.  truly.  it was delish.  i had linguine and white clam sauce, fritti, cookies, kettle corn, wine, pepperoni roll, italian sausage hoagie.  uh, wow, i guess i ate a lot.  

saw many old friends and made a few new ones.  always nice.  it was great to catch up with my sister-in-law and brother number two.  it's been way too long since she and i have had the opportunity to just talk and talk and talk.

after the feast, number two and his crew came to our house and we had an italian/japanese feast.  it somehow worked.  boothie and jason brought the older girls home for us and visited for a while.  the girls and b played and watched movies.  baby b was without a nap!  his eyes were closed before his head hit the pillow tonight.  those girls wore him OUT!

such a great day and the whole crew is coming back tomorrow for brunch.  what was i thinking?  

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