Friday, December 12, 2008

sing me spanish techno

fun night out with the comm people, but it always is.  got to know some of the new doc students and enjoyed spending time with my girlies k and b.  ckl ran the gauntlet with us.  we cut a rug to old michael jackson.  special thanks to the longwoods for getting us home safely.  a and i fit snugly in the kids' carseats on the ride home.  there are some advantages to being not quite adult sized. 

now i am tired.  good tired, though, and it's not too late.  big weekend.  feast festival tomorrow and brunch here with the fam on sunday.  

listened to music for hours and hours today at work.  finished a project and fell even deeper in love with rhett miller and neko case.  i just can't get enough.  

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