Monday, December 15, 2008

day of indulgence

from morning til night, i had a day for me.  the kind of day that makes me hazily remember the days when i could sit and read a book from start to finish without interruption.  you know, the days before baby b came on the scene.  it's not a good thing or a bad thing, just a realization.  

at any rate, i spent the majority of the day under covers alternating between reading twilight and chekhov and enjoying it so much.  the only thing that pulled me out of bed was knowing that we had company for dinner.

cole came over!  so nice to have him.  i made lasagna.  and because i knew i was making lasagna (and that i would gorge myself) i tried not to really eat much today.  so those two glasses of wine?  woo-wee went straight to my head.  

and that's where i'm at now.  heading directly back to bed to finish twilight. i reckon i'll have the last 300 pages done by midnight.  that edward, my how he makes me swoon.  haven't liked a character in a book this much since quentin compson.  

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