Wednesday, December 17, 2008

show me how pretty the world is

icy mess of a day.  folks were panicky all over the place and rightly so.

mmm and i braved the treacherous journey home; we were fortunate enough to leave baby b at my mom's.  our original plan was to ditch the car in sabraton and walk home on the trail.  but mmm thought we could make it and he was right.

once home i tried my best to accomplish things.  christmas cards, our annual photo book (to which i still need to add text) and some baking.

after my work was done the hubs and i watched nine inch nails in concert.  needless to say, i am far far away from sleep.  i am revved up and ready to go.  so many good songs, i forgot how many there were.  the hubs and i agree, through all the noise and anger there's just something pretty about trent reznor's music.  and his voice?  gotta love that voice.  

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