Monday, December 1, 2008

cold sounds

feel like this picture.  our cherry tree after last week's snow.

listening to the aforementioned matt pond pa free ep and it does not disappoint.  "three" sounds like this picture.  cold. echoing.  alone.  resonant.  beautiful.

sometimes i feel like i've been just the same all my life.  never changing or deviating from "me". the times i feel most like this are when the things around me change.  seasons, friends, circumstances, family.  little shifts that lead to giant chasms.  or, on occasion, startling cracks that demand to be noticed, dealt with.  and there i am, just me.  always me. it's hard to keep up, sometimes, with the changes.  

i walk into conversations that should be easy and free, then realize the other party has moved on, moved away, all gone. i miss so many beats.  for instance, how does it become pitch black at 5:15?  this happens every year, yet every year it bothers me.  astounds me, even.  confounds me.  guess i'm up in my head too much.  this body and mind were not made for cold weather.    

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Sarah said...

Sounds like you and I feel similar right now! Winter Blahs