Tuesday, December 2, 2008

where did i go wrong?

my child.  my sweet sweet child who is a little under two months away from turning two.  an amazing creature, to be sure.  he's smart.  and i know, i know i'm his mom so i'm biased.  but really, he's smart.  crazy smart like his papa.  he says words like "delicious" and "relaxation" and uses them appropriately.  he can say his abc's and count to twenty.  he memorizes books after one sitting.  he knows what gas stations are and what you get there.  he distinguishes between target, kroger, walmart and sam's.  he has our extended family all mapped out in that brain of his.  who lives with whom, where they all live, how it all works.  it's amazing to me. and maybe, you know, that's just how toddlers are, absorbing everything.  i still submit that he's more than a little bright.

so what's the problem today?  aside from all the usual toddler antics (screaming for no reason, crying uncontrollably at any resistance to his evil plans, irrational fears involving bathtub drains, erratic sleep patterns) he has decided that he is a pirate.  now, i do know WHY he has decided to become a pirate.  it's because of this video which he and his father watch daily.  he asks to watch it.  he loves it.

you can tell the he has flipped into pirate mode when he turns his hat sideways and uses part of it as an eye patch.  and sometimes he'll say "i'm a pirate."  i'd love to take a picture of it, but, being the sociopath that he is, he refuses to let me.  

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Sarah said...

I hate to admit it, but I'm relieved. I thought I was the only one with a child like this!!! I'm going to forward you an e-mail on early risers too. The book has always helped me at my worst moments. Snd..pirates are that bad, it could be worse. ;-)