Sunday, November 30, 2008


yesterday was a marathon.  we woke early and got the kids ready for their yearly photo shoot.  i suddenly feel for my parents in a whole other way.  j and s are only 11 and 12 years older than b and that is quite a gap to account for.  my brothers were 16, 14 and 8 when i was born.  quite a spread.  hard to keep everyone entertained. 

came home from that adventure, ate some lunch, then took j, s and izzy to see twilight.  i actually loved it.  i expected to think it was ok, but i came away loving it and really wanting to read the books. it hit me hard in the part of me that's still a fourteen year old girl.  edward is dreamy.  bella is loyal and honest and steadfast.  the scenery is beautiful.  and it can't be denied. the allure of vampires.... there's just something there.  

as soon as we got home i started baking the banana chocolate chip cake from sky high cakes. i'd been saving the recipe for j and s.  it was definitely yum and very easy to put together.  quesadillas for dinner then lots of cleaning up and packing before bed.  once i got to bed?  no  luck.  sleep didn't find me til well after two.  

today was long and grey and tiresome.  took many hours to put the house back together after the holiday.  mmm was gone running the boys to columbus.  the evening was redeeming, though.  lots of music and good speaks with mmm and much train play and laughs with b.  

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Sarah said...

mmmm I could really use a piece of that cake today!!!