Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas day

christmas with a toddler- does it get any better?  b was super-psyched with his car and train-related items.  he played all morning.  he also kept giving us imaginary presents which was very very cute and thoughtful of him.

mmm got me a supersweet hat that i refuse to take off.  it's very smashing and sort of sherlock holmesish.  that and the dark knight on bluray were my favorite presents.  

i hustled in the kitchen finishing desserts for my mom's house.  i tried a new recipe for a marshmallow-based fondant and it turned out so well.  very easy to make and work with.  i covered a red velvet cake with it and i think it looked so pretty.

we headed to my mom's around noon and filled up on appetizers for what seemed like hours.  my mother is the hors d'oeuvres champ.  ate a big meal of mashies and prime rib then took a nice nap on the flannel couch.  i claimed my spot early so no other fools could bask in the fuzzy warmness of the best couch ever.  

came home and watched catch and release for the whatevereth time.  and cried.  cause that stupid movie makes me cry.  

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Sarah said...

Seriously, I'm paying you to make my next birthday cake! That cake was awesome. So glad Ben had fun. Can't wait for Dominic's christmas next year. This year was fun, but he had no clue. Also, to much driving. Can't wait until family comes to us!!! ;-) Merry Christmas