Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas eve

what a day and night!  i'm new to this being the mother of a toddler thing.  i know ben was around last year, but i really feel like this was his first christmas.  not so easy to just confine him in a seat or playpen.  now he's all over the place!

we had lots to do to prepare desserts for christmas day and to make number three his favorite cookies.  cream horns.  which turned out incredibly well if i do say so myself.  i admit that i cheated.  i used frozen puff pastry.  i just couldn't see the logic in overextending myself with chores and baking any more than i already had.

we went to church and ben was loud and unruly as per usual.  then we went to eat the feast with number one and his family.  SUCH GOOD FOOD.  they really outdid themselves this year. handmade pasta with anchovy sauce, steamed mussels, shrimp wrapped in prosciutto, stuffed squid, salads, antipasti, desserts, wine, bread.  ugh.  perhaps my bottomless pit of a stomach is from my italian side.  

came home and scurried around preparing for christmas morning.  thank god i'm good with a screw driver.  a lovely, if wet, evening.  

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