Saturday, December 27, 2008

bowl game

the longwoods and jc over to watch the game.  the only way i can describe this day is glorious. every time i felt the sun hit my face my body just hummed with joy.  i so badly needed the sunshine and fun and friends.  i am NOT a winter person! i really did just sit on the deck most of the day, basking like a dog in a patch of sunlight.  

acw and i ditched the game in favor of staying out in the perfect weather and playing ball and such with the boys.  they all played so well together and the little ones did a great job sharing.  b was so psyched to see his farm and garage after a couple months of winter weather.  we dragged out the riding toys and those were a big hit as well.

jc is sleeping over tonight and tomorrow as well.  the big boys think this is quite a novel idea. they don't remember when this was a weekly occurrence!  

very man-filled house all day.  football, beer, basketball, beer, i am legend, beer, rocky movie, beer.  fun though, lots of fun.  

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