Monday, November 24, 2008

brilliant mistake

i think we've all learned that sometimes mistakes can offer unexpected pleasures.  missteps turn into lessons.  taking a wrong turn can lead you to a beautiful vista you might otherwise not have seen.  and inadvertently printing the wrong recipe can result in some damn tasty granola.

i set out this morning to make granola BARS.  i'm finicky when it comes to breakfast bars.  i don't like peanuts and it's quite a challenge to find bars without the dreaded legume inside.  so the obvious choice was to start making my own.

well, that didn't happen.  but that's ok!  because now i have a nice tart and sweet batch of yummy cranberry and almond granola that will do just fine.  organic.  all natural.  homemade.  yum.

waiting (im)patiently for the hubs to return.  less than half an hour now.  very sleepy, but i must push through.  

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