Tuesday, November 25, 2008

commence relaxation

i am so excited for thanksgiving break!  treating myself with a day off tomorrow which makes the deal even sweeter.  we hit the grocery store after work.  i have enough supplies to bake and bake and bake til my heart's content.  i fully plan to not leave this house until dinner time on thursday.

something i'm entirely thankful for is this.  matt pond pa put out a new EP just in time for the holiday and they are giving it away for FREE!!!!  i haven't listened to it yet.  waiting til i'm relaxed enough to fully savor it.  

watching the last episode of the shield with mmm.  some characters i will miss.  like dutch.  and dani.  and julian.  and some, like MAURA- well let's just say i'm sitting here waiting and hoping that she dies a terrible death.  and don't get me started on shane.....

i'm in such a good mood i don't even know how to control myself.  

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