Sunday, November 23, 2008

finally, i'm sitting

lovely, productive sunday.  spent the entire day (save for the 1.5 hour nap) playing with b.  what a kid!  such a sense of humor, but still so serious.  lost my patience more than once (dumping chocolate milk on the freshly cleaned floor was the breaking point).  but then he says some inane thing or gives a look to say "lady, you're never gonna win.  might as well enjoy the ride" and i can't help but to laugh. and cry.  but mostly laugh.

morning playtime included using tissue paper to create various costumes.  we had scarves and hats and coats.  my favorite was the octopus.  

during naptime and after bed time i cleaned cleaned cleaned.  regular cleaning plus some.  floors, woodwork, cabinets, fridge, etc.  sorting recycling, sorting winter clothes, washing curtains, filing papers, and on and on and on.  and i'm not done.  feels good. things in order and fresh and ready for the boys to get here.  


Sarah said...

Oh a nap sounds so great! At least there is hope. I was beginning to think I would never nap again.

Very cute tissue paper costumes.

ktm said...

no no no. i didn't nap, ben did. i worked while he napped. so no, there is no hope! ha!