Tuesday, October 21, 2008

still going

too much to do today.  busy at work, busy at home.

uncle a headed back to the mountains this morning.  very sad to see him go.  don't think b has realized it yet.  

grocery store with b, then home to dinner and bake.  lots going on this week.  i guess this is when it starts.  the holiday happenings that cause october to january to whiz by at warp speed.

not much to say today but this.  first, i have dropped nearly every single thing i have touched today.  including my favorite piece of pottery in the entire world.  ugh.  i'm thinking i'm just going to smash the rest of it and rearrange the shards in a clear jar of some sort.

speaking of jars, i love "she's a jar" by wilco.  sadly, no version of it on youtube to link it and it's far too late to come up with something else. 

she's a jar with a heavy lid a pop quiz kid a sleepy kisser a pretty war with feelings hid she begs me not to miss her

god , i really do love that song.

only other thing i have to say is that mmm and i watched this documentary on nova tonight.  very strange.  the focus was the lead singer of the eels and his father who "invented" the theory of parallel universes.  so really, the part of me that decided to NOT bake a cake tonight is already in bed.  

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