Monday, October 20, 2008

main squeeze

i try to tone down my b talk as much as i can.  i know that listening to someone go on and on about how cute their kid is can be terribly annoying.  don't want to be that person.

but, damn, if that kid is not just the cutest little person i've ever seen.  here is a sample of cuteness, just from the last three hours.

first, on the way home from gram's he decided that his ipod (a toy mp3 player that plays over 30 songs sung by creepy british children) is actually an iphone.  he was playing music and suddenly stopped the songs and held the box up to his ear.  "hello?  hi jack (his cousin).  no, no, no jumpin' on bed.  no.  take your shoes off.  i'm fine, thanks.  ok bye."  which, i gotta say, is a fairly in depth imaginary conversation for a twenty month old.

second, he has somehow gotten it into his head then when water drips off of him in the bath he's actually melting.  we do not know how or why he has come to this conclusion, but he is generally unhappy at bath time now.  tonight he was revved up and getting into everything, running from forbidden item to forbidden item.  "ok, kid, you're gonna get a bath now."  "ok!  ok!  i gonna melt!"  if he had the vocabulary i think he would have said something like "yeah, a-holes, i'm gonna do it!  gonna melt away to nothing and THEN you'll be sorry!"

third, we rounded out the evening by reading the halloween book that tew got for him.  i ask him what the pictures are.  "what's that?" "SNAKES! night snakes.  hug"  and then he'd hug the book.  "what's that?"  "ROBBER!!!  hug robber."  and so on and so forth through the ghosts and skulls and spiders and pirates.  yup, that's my sweet, creepy little guy.

ok, hopefully that is out of my system for a little while.  

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