Friday, October 17, 2008

boys night out

worked hard and played hard today.  skipped out of work a bit early and walked downtown to meet mmm and the boys at their watering hole of choice.  laughed and talked and drank and sang.  really laughed.  too many laughs to count.  too many drinks to remember?  hmmmm....

shared a cab with cole on the way home and reaffirmed that yes, indeed, he will take care of me and b if something happens to mmm.  thank god for that.  

it was nice to be out and be carefree.  best part of b staying at gram's?  sleeping in tomorrow.  no question.  

steph's baby shower in the am, and possibly a cookout with cole and others in the afternoon.  followed by vicky christina barcelona at the warner.  i figure mmm and i both win.  he can drool over penelope and i can lust over scarlett.  she brings out the experimental coed in me.  

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Anonymous said...

experimental coed - mmm won't like that... althought since we are sssm, if you need a go, let me know - ahahahaha- ahahahaha- ahahaha -