Saturday, October 18, 2008

settling in

nice productive day.  slept in then ran some errands before steph's shower. so happy for steph.  nice to see her excited and surrounded by her friends and family.  

b went to trax farms with grammie and aunt and uncle.  he got to pet llamas, goats and baby pigs.  and ducks!  i am personally terrified of ducks but he apparently loved it.  

decided to nix the movie tonight in favor of hunkering down under blankets and relaxing with the hubs.  need to read some as well.  book club is wednesday and i haven't started the book yet.  slacker.

hope to finish knitting my second sock tonight so that i might actually have a matching pair.  

we turned the heat on this evening.  kind of a milestone in the passing of seasons.  

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