Thursday, October 16, 2008

grey and dreary

yucky day.  even the power of a cute outfit couldn't overcome the overcast sky and stormy heart.  hate feeling like this.  flustered, tired, irritated with myself.  my insides feel like a toothache.  the slightest movement causes a sting.

beginning to think that honesty is not always the best policy, especially when the recipient of the honest word does not much seem to care.  

i have so much to be thankful for, so much good.  how then do i get into the doldrums?  

saw izzy at gram's while picking up b.  she was very cute and energetic.  so pre-teen it kills me.  she's far too pretty for any of our goods.  and that beautiful red hair.  oh boy.  

escaped my attention that there was a parade this evening.  it took b and me an hour to get home!  he was a trooper about it, though.  sketched on his magnadoodle and sang songs to boobah bear.  mmm was tied up in parade traffic as well.  we finally got home and had some pizza.  yum yum yum.  

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