Friday, September 26, 2008

friday now

slept through the flight just fine; woke are 7 am UK time.  seamless transfer from airport to queen street station via city bus.  had a couple hours to eat and people watch at the train station.  changed trains at perth and in a couple hours should arrive in inverness.  definitely don't feel as tired as i should.

tilda swinton is sitting three rows away from us.  a bit strange.  she's just riding coach with the rest of the peons.  she has a very pretty spaniel with her.  reminds me of sherlock (rip).

the landscape here is as amazing as i thought it would be.  but it's alive instead of a picture.  lots of farmland, lots of sheep.  every once in a while the green, gold and brown fields are broken by a bubbling stream.  the movement catches my eye.  

anxious to get to our apartment and out of these clothes.  had them on for over 24 hours now.  hungry too.  looking out now at a pine forest.  dense.  cloudy blue-grey fall weather.  

best part of the trip so far?  an old drunk on the train from glasgow to perth singing "help" at the top of his lungs.  sang the whole song in a slurred scottish brogue.  took a lot for me to shout "piper down!  we've got a piper down!"  brilliant. 

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