Friday, September 26, 2008

thursday night in philly

sitting in philly waiting to board the plane to glasgow.

we had a nice dinner in a little wine bar near the gate.  probably spent too much money but needed time to relax.  antsy to get on the plane and settle in.

thoughts i've had-

you can strip anything down and make it ugly.  bare bones gross grotesque.  reading virginia woolf, the voyage out.  opening passage profound.  she had such a way of describing the human frame of mind.  perhaps the feminine frame of mind.  depression. frustration. ennui.  need to not malinger on it.

thought i'd have wifi here, but no.  a bit frustrating.  can't contact mmm and b.  sucks.

other thoughts-

europeans are infinitely better dressed than we are.  we all look like FLDS by comparison.  and really, the swedes.  why are they so beautiful?  how did all the refined facial genes end up in such a small area?  my mom says it's because their faces radiate light.  i like the way that sounds.  

tired, ready to curl up.  take tylenol pm an wake up in another country.  

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