Saturday, September 27, 2008

isle of skye

took a day trip today onto the isle of skye.  incredible beauty.  stark, rough, barren in some places.  started out driving along the eastern shore of loch ness. alas, no monsters.  crossed through the great glen and arrived at skye via the bridge at kyle of lochalsh.  i want to describe the things i saw, but i just don't think i can right now.  unlike any place i've ever seen.

inverness is wonderful.  it's small but bustling and filled with many good shops.  the river ness runs through the town.  it sounds morbid, but if i were of a mind to end it all by tossing myself in the drink, the river ness would be perfect for it.  the water is black and cold.  i think even on a warm day it must look black and cold.

fairly tired now and want to load photos.  hopefully i'll have more to say later.  i think i'm on sensory overload.  

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