Sunday, August 24, 2008

what is it about watching your children sleep?  why/how do they look so perfect?

peaceful, safe, still.  i can't resist ruffling ben's hair when i check on him at night.  just touching that perfection.  stealing part of that peace.

wonderful night with jason and diane.  mmm cooked and did dishes.  treat for me.  drank much wine with boothie and meandered down memory lane.  jason and mmm hung their heads and waited for the storm to pass.

ended the evening with this song on my mind:

rhett miller, our love

Richard Wagner's letters to his lover Mathilde were a mess
He should have quit before he had written the address
They made love on the mezzanine, her husband was his friend
Vienna in a fugue-state working on a thing that when he finished it took almost seven hours to sing
He still found time to write to her
His heart exploding words

Our love surpassed
Our love so fast
Our love's all wrong
Our love goes on and on 

Our love became
Our love by name
When I wrote it to you in a song
Our love goes on and on

Kafka in his letters to his lover Milena was a live
But he was waiting for a love that never would arrive
Their rendezvous was singular
Her husband was his friend
She is a living fire 
She is a reason to live
She is killing me burning only for him
I'll spend my whole life loving her
My heart exploding words


such a song
such a band

if ben were a girl we were going to name her mathilde

so glad we have ben instead

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